Carlos Atanes is a Madrid based filmmaker and playwright born in 1971. He has written and directed many shortfilms and four feature movies: FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (2004), PROXIMA (2007), Maximum Shame (2010) and Gallino, the Chicken System (2012). He has also written, directed and released six theater plays in Madrid: La Cobra en la Cesta de Mimbre (2011), El Hombre de la Pistola de Nata (2011/2012, directed by Juan José Afonso), La Depredadora (2012), La LLuvia (2012), Secretitos (2013) and Romance Bizarro (2013).

What people say
 «Atanes, already Spain’s underground master
(Mike Everleth, Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Fillm)

 «Atanes has his own idea en creates his vision to movie in his own way without being restrained by what the big audience wants. In my opinion this is the responsibility and the power of a underground director
(Frank Schonewille, Top of the Flops)

 «The most compelling visually styled directors out there in the underground film scene today.»
(Anthony Thurber, Film Arcade)

 «Total artist who sells his soul to the devil and his actions outside our borders, because it is not a Prophet in his own land, but that will end up imposing his Liber Legis and his style
(Astrum X, La Caja de Pandora)

 «One of these authentic, different filmmakers, dedicated to creating his own expressive tools.»
(Alejandro Yamgotchian, Arte 7)

 «The next David Lynch with a little bit of David Cronenberg thrown in for good measure.»
(Gorehounds Unite!)

 «One of the few directors who can mix the surreal and real together and have neither seem out of place. He is quickly becoming a favorite here at Film Fanaddict and you’re encouraged to check him out as soon as you get the chance.»
(David Carter, Film Fanaddict)

 «Carlos Atanes makes completely strange scenarios very interesting with his powerful visuals
(Verislav Kucan, Evil Dread)

 «Original, bizarre, provocative, Atanes' principal influences are Bunuel,Arrabal, and Jean Cocteau as well as GreenawayLynchCronenberg,Ionesco, Stanislaw Lem, Philip K. Dick, and Boris Vian, among others.»
(Rob Smart, Bright Lights Film Journal)

 «It’s impressive how far Atanes goes with so little money.»
(Andreas Stoehr,

 «Carlos Atanes seems to be an uncompromising director, who doesn't take the easy way out. That is the big part (along with the bunch of great actors and actresses) of extraordinary feel that gushes from Atanes' intriguing films.»(Esa Linna, Extraordinary Movies & Video Guide)

 «Carlos Atanes broadens your mind.»
(The Angry Princess, This Is Some Scene)

 «Behind Atanes' stories there is an underworld of beauty and anti-poetrythat deserves attention from fans of weird.»
(Luca di Manteca, Almas Oscuras)

 « different Carlos Atanes' movies are to anything I've ever seen. He has a certain way to confuse the flying fuck out of me, while still keeping me interested in whatever messed up situation is playing on the screen in front of me. I don't understand what he is trying to say, and I don't understand how he comes up with it, but I'm impressed.»
(Ronny Carlsson, Film Bizarro)

 «Saying that Carlos Atanes is an odd filmmaker is a slight euphemism
(Jérôme Spenlehauer, Cinetrange