Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Mystical Movie Guide reviews “FAQ”

Carl J. Schroeder reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions” for The Mystical Movie Guide:

“this remarkable feature debut from Barcelona independent director Carlos Atanes boldly covers a lot of ground, including surrealism, cinematic deconstruction, social satire, Bergmanesque transcendent monologues, and Orwellian future warnings. There is a real sense of spiritual insight in the struggles of characters to perceive beyond their current repressed reality (controlling sex is one of the totalitarian keys to controlling freedom, as so many artists know). What’s more, a great sense of ironic humor connects what otherwise might be disparate pretentious scenes: the man we think is taking out a gun but it’s really just a bagel, recurring spoons that refer to Nono’s attempts to bend them (and reality) with his mind, and the great event of “architectural castration”…”



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