Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Angry Princess reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions”

The Angry Princess reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions” for This Is Some Scene.

“Here is another Carlos Atanes film for you to experience. Now all of the stories I have watched from him thus far have been very different than anything I have seen before. Some didn’t make sense but that was the beauty of it-they just didn’t need to. They were like a wild trip thru this man’s dreams and fascinations, and FAQ is no different. I really didn’t get the jist of it but it seemed like the women were the leaders in this one.

What I want to know is what was the white stuff they all were drinking, it was to thin to be milk…how odd that I want to know that right? FAQ told the tale of mutation. You see all sorts of weird specimens in jars. The shelves against the walls were covered in jars of them! The two women working talk about how one of the giant specimens mother took out one of their boats today and it sunk!”



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