Monday, April 28, 2008

Film Arcade reviews “PROXIMA”

Anthony Thurber reviews “PROXIMA” for Film Arcade.

“Proxima is the latest film form Writer/Director Carlos Atanes, whose last film was the bizarre and entertaining anthology film, Codex Atanicus. The film is about a video-store owner (Oriol Aubets) whose going through a tough time in his life, as his business is failing and his relationship is falling apart. When at a sci-fi convention, he picks up a CD there that contains instructions on how to travel to other galaxies. Once he listens to it for the first time, he starts to become obsessed with traveling to another planet to get away from his miserable existence on earth. Soon, he begins to see things differently in this life, as he tries to find a way to reach the planet Proxima.

Proxima is very intelligent Sci-Fi film. Writer/Director Carlos Atanes does a great job in getting all of the science-fiction aspects of the film done right. Atanes is the most compelling visually styled directors out there in the underground film scene today. “


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