Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad Lit reviews “PROXIMA”

Mike Everleth reviews “PROXIMA” for Bad Lit.

“Spanish surrealist writer/director Carlos Atanes channels Philip K. Dick for his latest feature, Proxima, and ends up with his most down-to-Earth film yet — even if some of that “Earth” may or may not be in another galaxy.

Well, I actually don’t know Atanes well enough, even though I’ve reviewed several of his earlier films (Codex Atanicus and FAQ), to know if Dick was a direct influence on this particular project, but, like the author’s best work, Proxima continuously shifts its main character from one reality to another to the point where its not clear what the true reality is.

Perhaps the oddest thing about Atanes’ latest effort is that for the first time the action begins in a very recognizable modern-day Spain, during which the action is more straightforward than anything the director has done before”


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