Thursday, December 30, 2010

B-Movie Man reviews "Maximum Shame"

"When your lover is a woman who loves to talk about numbers, doing a “69” can take on a whole new meaning. Of course, her proclivity for discussing numbers and their meanings may take a back seat to more pressing matters, if you think the world is about to be swallowed up in a black hole. That is the start of MAXIMUM SHAME (...) Carlos Atanes is a unique filmmaker. I won’t claim to fully understand any of his works that I have seen, but I will say that he has an eye for artistic filmmaking that is rare in the often cookie-cutter world of filmmaking. MAXIMUM SHAME is not like any other film I’ve seen. The movie is filled with bondage and domination imagery that appears to be done not for sexual gratification, but rather for the sheer sake of the control that it represents. Atanes uses very few special effects, but instead relies on creative cinematography and visual misdirection to create the feelings of travel between worlds and the strangeness of the other place. The world left by The Rook and his lover The Bishop, is seen only as their tiny, Spartan bedroom. The world of The Queen is a huge, desolate interior landscape created inside a ruined factory, perhaps symbolic of the decay that might be expected in a world subject to the whims of a mad Queen."


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