Sunday, January 27, 2008

Film Fanaddict reviews “PROXIMA”

David Carter reviews “PROXIMA” for Film Fanaddict.

“Science fiction cinema is not as cut and dry as you might believe. When you hear the term, the “big two” immediately spring to mind: STAR TREK and STAR WARS. Though they are the most famous, they aren’t necessarily a representative sample of all the genre has to offer. Sci-fi can contain elements of horror (ALIEN), action (STARSHIP TROOPERS), or drama (BLADE RUNNER). One of the least common but often most impressive types of sci-fi is the cerebral sci-fi film; films like 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and SOLARIS. Such films don’t deal with aliens or spaceships, but focus more on the human mind and it’s expansion rather than new technologies. Spanish director Carlos Atanes’ latest effort PROXIMA definitely falls into that latter category. It has been making the international film festival rounds recently and is also available on DVD.”


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