Sunday, February 6, 2011

"The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird" (1991)

Well, at last here you have it. I wrote and directed this shortfilm when I was 19 years old, in 1991. Its seems older now, like an underground movie from sixties, but it already seemed older in 1991. Probably hairstyle, black and white 35mm photography and the awful sound quality have to do with it. But I like that shabby appearance. It makes me feel like an underground classics' buddy.

Anyway no more than 500 or 600 people have seen "The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird" since his release because several reasons. The film was excluded and concealed in its very beginning. It went only to a pair or three film festivals and then it remained buried. It wasn't my fault! I loved this film and I wished a long and prosper life for it but I was too young and inexperienced for put up due fight. We co-produced it with our former film school and they really loathed this film -it would appear the plot was not stupid enough-, so they did everything in their power for moving away it from the audience. In those days there was no internet and means for a budding independent filmmaker were scant. Then troubles increased. For example film laboratory closed down and the film's 35 mm negative was lost.

The thing is some people who achieved to watch it despite everything they thought it's a great film and still today they think "The Marvellous World" is one of my best works. I will not argue with them. Maybe they're right.

In short: here is, 20 years later, "The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird" starred by José Benítez, Helena Colomé and Fernando Carreter. You can consider this a world release.

Watch the film and, if you like it, please embed it into your blog, website, facebook, twitter, myspace or whatever you use in order to help it to reborn publicly to the greatest possible number of people. The poor film has suffered a lot and it deserves a little of kindness now.

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