Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gorehounds Unite! reviews “CODEX ATANICUS”.

Gorehounds Unite! reviews “CODEX ATANICUS“:

“CODEX ATANICUS is a grouping of three films by director Carlos Atanes that he did between 1995 and 1999. These films are some of the most odd, fucked up, bizarre films I have ever had the pleasure of seeing…….. Yes I said pleasure of seeing.

Heres where I should probably start with the warnings……….These films deal with everything from Sex to religion to birth to death and all with the most fucked up imagery youve ever seen on the screen. It doesnt always make sense but to the average viewer some of this could be seen as offensive. If you are a viewer who requires a tried and true plot line to follow, you wont like this film. There is a plot but alot of the plot is shrouded in strange happenings and imagery. The #1 warning I have to give viewers is this…….Do not view this film if you are on any kind of mind altering substances such as Acid or magic mushrooms as your mind may never recover from the shock! It’s a crazy enough trip sober…………Don’t say I didnt warn you!”



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