Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Film Arcade reviews “CODEX ATANICUS”

Anthony Thurber reviews “CODEX ATANICUS” for Film Arcade.

“Codex Atanicus is an anthology film that contains three short films from director Carlos Atanes that are weird, bizarre and unclassifiable to the mainstream moviegoer. In the first story Metaminds and Metabodies. The film takes place in the tavern where it is known as the waiting room from hell where the people that return from the other side of the mirror to come into the land of reality. In the second film Morfing, Atanes stars, as a director of television pilot wants to definitely leave the business for good by hanging himself. He then meets an intrepid journalist who wants him to fight off his own ghosts so they can survive the drains that lie in the Barcelona film system. And in the final film, Welcome to Spain, the film explores the plight of the hero. The hero in the past was always rewarded when he completes a successful fight, but fast forward into present time where now the hero falls into a corner in which he is now convinced that he is a complete failure to all.”


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