Thursday, July 10, 2008

Film Arcade reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions”

Anthony Thurber reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions” for Film Arcade:

“As you have notice with my reviews of Codex Atanicus and Proxima (which was recently released on DVD; click on the title to purchase either one of these films) that I loved both of Atanes’s films. He is one of the most talented and visionary directors that no one has heard of. So after watching Proxima, I wanted to go back and take a look at his first feature film, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The film was released back in 2004. It’s about a sisterhood that has total control of France. Angeline, an exemplary and flawless citizen, has just joined the sisterhood and is conflicted with her duties. She is conflicted because she is in love with a special man. Soon this relationship will question her beliefs with the sisterhood’s doctrine and her relationship with this man.

One of the things that I learned by watching each of Carlos Atanes’s films is that he is great in creating some of the most beautiful and most disturbing imagery that you will ever see. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is the darkest film of the three films that I’ve seen from Atanes…


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