Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Tales From The Bullring”

American writer Dale Pierce spends a chapter to Carlos Atanes into his 476 pgs. book Tales From the Bullring, a magnificent series of short stories from bullfighting around the world. Atanes is not exactly a matador, but in the words of Pierce: “Away from all the weirdness, Atanes is an avid aficionado”. So, Dale Pierce keeps a place into his book to the Spanish filmmaker among figures like José Tomás, Ava Gardner, Pepe Hillo, James Dean, Bo Derek, Pedro Almodóvar, Ernest Hemingway, Marcial Lalanda or Manolete.

“Enter into a world of bulls and men. In this massive book, Dale Pierce captures a diverse, yet intense look into the realm of sunlight and rapid death. The author of Bullring, Play Me The Song Of Death, Matadores and other works spins tale after tale in this exciting new project.

The plazas de toros! The matadores! The bulls! The musicians! The ranchers! The forcados! The writers! The film people! You find them all in Tales From the Bullring.

Walk across the golden sands. Enter into a world of trumpets and cheers. Come unto a world of bulls and men.”

Tales From the Bullring at Lulu.com

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