Tuesday, September 7, 2010

‎"Maximum Shame" @ BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS - Official Selection BUT Underground FilmFestival

From Mike Everleth's Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film:

"The B-Movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival is an annual celebration of the most outrageous, most exploitative, craziest and downright weird cinema that the world has to offer. The latest edition will unspool in the heart of the city of Breda in The Netherlands on Sept. 8-12 (...) There will also be a few Bad Lit favorites on hand, such as Spanish underground filmmaker Carlos Atanes' newest surreal masterpiece, Maximum Shame; the dark Australian drama Hole in the Ground by Kenta McGrath; and the destructive might of Attackazoids Deploy!! by U.S. filmmaker Brian Lonano."

Carlos Atanes website: www.carlosatanes.com

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