Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hall of Fame: Queeny Love

Great Germann actress and model Queeny Love has seen “CODEX ATANICUS“. Queeny Love is, you know, my favourite actress in the world and I'd love to work with her. She is, yes, a pornstar and I don't make porn films -yet. But my friends she's not only a pornstar, she is much more than that. Before working in Porn Walley Queeny begins her career as amateur performer in his own website (I can't link it from here, because non-adult blog restrictions, but you'll find it at once writing her name at any browser) and along the years she reached audacity and creativity heights that I've ever seen. For me there are a time before and a time after Queeny Love in porn film and therefore -you know my way of thinking- in film. So you could understand why it was imperative for me to give one of my films to her and ask for a pic for my Hall of Fame. I am not a mythomaniac but I created this Hall for all those people who have worked with me in the past or I wish to work with in the future, so a Queeny Love's pic must to be here because I really admire this girl. Unfortunately it seems she is now retired from show business. I hope it will not be a definitive decision!

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