Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Horrorphilia Podcast reviews CODEX ATANICUS

"There are visions you can say I understand what the thought process was, and there are visions you just sit there and think how can someone think of this. Carlos Atanes is a genius. The introduction alone you got Arantxa just sitting there explaining to you about Carlos and what the films mean, and then she drinks a glass of milk. You almost feel like she is warning you about something, and then just not caring anymore. My favorite of the three is Welcome to Spain. This one is just hard to describe without giving you almost all the short. When you go into stuff like this blind, you are more thankful than knowing what is going to happen or plot. I mean if your watching a Carlos Atanes movie for a easy to talk about experience, or a plot that fascinates you, turn it off. The plot is just as strange and odd as the movies themselves. I feel artists like Carlos are easily going to either go over someones head or irritate them. In a sick way its almost like David Lynch meets Clockwork Orange (...)"

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