Sunday, November 18, 2007


Watch carefully this sequence. It is the last shot of "Morfing", a film I made in 1996. The actress Diana de Guzmán is next to me. I have a pulley arch on my hand. Pressing the trigger that I have in my right hand, the steel tip arrow is sent flying at 400 Km/h. When I am still aiming, I touch the trigger unintentionally and I shoot the arrow, that ricochet off the camera with frightening violence. Diana and me have been frozen. We don’t know where is the arrow or where is the cameraman. The terror starts to appear. I imagine the man lying on the floor with an arrow piercing his cranium. But it doesn’t: he had ducked at the right time. And the arrow is driven at the very dartboard center. The film magic dominated the misfortune at this time, but don’t try to repeat it at home. Sometimes it’s hard to get on well with cameramen, but it doesn’t means we have to overstep the mark.

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