Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paul Pritchard (Pulpmovies.com) reviews "The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird"

"Originally released in 1991, The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird was screened at only a few festivals before being effectively buried. The reasons for this are touched on here but the shorter version points to an inexperienced and under-confident film maker trying to deal with an establishment that really wanted something a lot more mainstream. Now older and wiser, writer/director Carlos Atanes has taken advantage of the increased distribution opportunities afforded by the internet to re-release the film online. Much as I enjoyed this film, I can also see how it would divide an unsuspecting audience. Over the years, Atanes has developed a very unique cinematic vision and style and the roots of this are very apparent in this early film. Not only is The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird not a mainstream film, it is also a surprisingly subversive one (...)" --- Read the whole review at Pulpmovies.com

Carlos Atanes website: www.carlosatanes.com

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