Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To make movies? Why?

You can't hear the laugh because she's a Scream Queen with the mouth full of sponge cake. Right. This is a teaser I made with a shoot from my 2009 shortfilm "Scream Queen". That is the unmistakable mouth of Arantxa Peña, the actress who has done so many films with me, and I like to see this image as a tribute to her.
If I post this clip is because this scene is one of my favourites. Yesterday a person from Fetisch FilmFestival who was talking with me about "Maximum Shame" asked me "what's you intention making movies?" and it made me thinking. I quickly answered that all begins with an image, the desire of shooting and image, and later the rest come to my mind intuitively. Yes, it is true, and it's possible that rest is just an excuse, a wrapping. With no that basic image the whole movie would lose its raison d'etre for me. The fuel that push me to build a movie is not to spread a message, to tell a story, to become rich or famous. Those reasons are collateral incentives. And what kind of nuclear image I need for begin to work?
There are many kinds of it but I notice it is usually somebody doing something. In this case I had an urgent need to get my camera closer to Arantxa's wide open mouth full of sponge cake, so I wrote it in the screenplay. Why? I don't know, but that image is where the whole shortfilm come from. In following posts I promise to try to psychoanalyze me and understand and explain my weird obsessions which push me to make films. Yes, I know, maybe you don't give a damn, but I think it could be funny anyway.

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