Monday, May 2, 2011

Yeah, today is a great day

The head of a repugnant bastard rat called Osama Ben Laden has been bursted at last. And few hours later my film "Maximum Shame" is showed in London, at the Sci-Fi Festival. The weather today in London is sunny, 15ºC. Birds are singing and girls walk wrapped in spring scents. Do you remember a better day? The only faults in this perfect scene is that a rat can not die more than once... and that I can't be in London because I am directing a theater play in Madrid and I am not ubiquitous. My duties retain me here. Maybe Eleanor James will attend the show -will you be there, Eleanor?-. I hope you like the movie, buddies. Now I am going to have a drink of Kentucky straight bourbon for the sake of the US Navy. Cheers!

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