Tuesday, August 30, 2011

366 Weird Movies reviews "PROXIMA", the Last Sci-Fi Movie

"Attached to anything else, the tagline “The Last Science Fiction Movie” might sound hubristic.  But it’s absolutely appropriate to PROXIMA, an apocalyptic love letter to sci-fi and its fans.  Atanes puts his obsession with the genre front and center, and the film is dotted with casual references to Blade RunnerStar Wars, and Jean-Luc Picard.  Perhaps the most telling such reference is “Felix Cadecq,” the name of the Kilgore Trout-like author (Solàs) whose revelations set Tony’s adventure in motion —and a Spanish homonym for “Philip K. Dick,” whose pet themes form the backbone of PROXIMA‘s mind-bending world. But Atanes, as liberally as he may borow from the sci-fi canon, never settles for pure pastiche..." Read the whole review at 366 Weird Movies

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