Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scene of spears

I talked about the scene of spears some months ago, when Helena Colomé sent a photo to my Hall of FameI am showing this piece because it's just a bit of archeology never seen before. Don't take too many pains trying to understand this. I shooted it in 1995 for my filmed-but-never-edited 16 mm feature film Triptico.

The girls are Arantxa Peña (in black) and Helena Colomé (in yellow), the two actresses who have done more films with me. Arantxa and Helena were not in the cast of Triptico, but I invited them to come a day and shooting an improvised sequence. We had long screens, some sticks and four anonymous spectators who jumped on stage. I don't know what the girls are exactly doing. I don't know what the men with sticks are doing. But you can reach your own concluisons. If you wish tell me what do you think of it on my Facebook page.

Another day I will talk about how much I like women with ponytails, tight dresses and ankle boots.

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