Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hall of Fame: Beatriz Urzaiz

Atanes' films turns Bea on. Bea is the actress Beatriz Urzaiz, latest member of my Hall of Fame. You have seen her in my Sci-Fi feature movie "PROXIMA" playing the mysterious Tanlion Tetrarchy's daughter -the Tanlion Tetrarchy is an alien civilization that controls from the Centauri system to Rasalhague, a distance of over forty light years-. But unfortunately she hasn't had the chance of drink a great glass of milk in any of my films, so this pic is a deserved revenge. I invite you to check her website ( where you could be up-to-date about her career and to admire her works as model, and to read the interview that Dale Pierce made to her in 2010 for (re)Search My Trash.

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