Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ARIELLA FERRERA in "Gallino, the Chicken System"

When I am very close to finish my fourth feature movie, Gallino, the Chicken System (the last shooting is scheduled for this month) the great star Ariella Ferrera has given me, as she promised, the immense honor of a cameo for the movie. Great news for gallinetics, pornophilosophy and atanic filmography.

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Gabriel McKee said...

Wonderful news - but it's a shame she's only doing a cameo.

One only needs to look at photos of her to realize what a very intelligent, perceptive, self-aware lady she is (as well as having a very big sense of humor), so I'm guessing she'd probably be capable of providing a very well-judged performance as an actor.

She definitely has a lot of potential in her. I'd love to see her become the first porn star to become a genuinely successful mainstream movie actor.

Best of luck with the movie to both of you.

Carlos Atanes said...

I am totally agree, Gabriel. I hope so.