Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dutch impressions about "Gallino, the Chicken System"

Reactions on Gallino – The Chicken System at the 7th B-movie, Underground & Trash Film Festival, 5 – 9 September 2012, as given in the report by Ton van Rooij, editor, Cerberus Online (www.newcerberus.weebly.com)

Dorien Eggink, festival producer of the BUTFF
I think a BUT film definitely can be art with a capital A. A film from the festival program of this year that I believe makes a chance to be considered as such, is Gallino: The Chicken System. But such a film has to be discovered. There has to be someone who stands up and puts in a lot of effort to promote this film, for example some museum director or festival hotshot, as a result of which such a film is going to be screened at all kinds of festivals and becomes a hype. And we try to make the first move for that.

Frank Schonewille, head programming of the BUTFF / interviewer online channel BUT TV
“Already so much has been done in the field of film, that it’s very hard to still be original, to make something that has never been made before. Also a good BUT filmmaker must let him-or herself inspire by others who preceded him or her, without losing track of his or her own vision. Only once in a while you come across a film of which you think: ‘How do you come up with that?’ Take for example the Spanish film Gallino: The Chicken System that we had on the program this year. Now that is something unique! That’s really a very weird film. From the director, Carlos Atanes, we screened another film two years ago, Maximum Shame, set in a nightmarish dream world, also an extraordinarily bizarre film. Atanes is known for his incredibly weird underground films. Where he gets his ideas from? I don’t know. I really don’t know. But what he creates is fantastic. Now that’s really someone who does things that have never been done before.”

Karin Broeksma, editor-in-chief BUT Daily News / interviewer online channel BUT TV
“I was very much intrigued by Gallino: The Chicken System, a pornophilosophical film [in which dream and reality are interwoven]. This is a very strange, but at the same time very beautifully made film. The subject matter was so different from what you would think in the first instance, that this really was a film that kept sticking in your memory.”

Tim van Kempen, member of the BUTFF box office team and BUTFF shop team

“Of the feature films, I haven’t seen that much. Of those, I saw, among other things, Gallino: The Chicken System. That was a pleasant surprise, even though this film was a little bit different from what I had expected. But then, at the BUT Film Festival you never know what to expect!

Carlos Atanes website: www.carlosatanes.com

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