Friday, April 8, 2005

FilmThreat reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions”

Stina Chyn reviews “FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions” for FilmThreat:

“Atanes’s film not only dismisses the notion that life would be livable if we could more or less still choose, move, and think as we pleased, but it also criticizes the belief that women would be more benevolent heads of states and they would usher in a reign of harmony. In “FAQ,” the world may be more “peaceful” with women in control, but it would be no less cruel. Imagine a justice system where the offender could make bail by sentencing his own punishments, usually involving a public confession of crimes, self-mutilation, and disconnection (or death). Referring to the end of life as “disconnection” implies that the people are attached to a life source. But are they? They owe their existence to the matriarchy, but they are no more linked to her than they are allowed to be with each other.”


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