Thursday, July 3, 2008

“B Movie Man” reviews “CODEX ATANICUS”

Nic Brown reviews “CODEX ATANICUS” for B Movie Man:

“When one thinks of science fiction, many different films may come to mind: STAR WARS, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, BLADE RUNNER, just to name a few. One film that most likely doesn’t jump immediately to mind is from Spanish writer/director Carlos Atanes called CODEX ATANICUS.

CODEX ATANICUS is a collection of three short films by Atanes: METAMINDS & METABODIES, MORFING and WELCOME TO SPAIN. All were made in the 1990s and represent Atanes’ interesting views on society, culture and the world around us. The classification as science fiction comes from, but if you are looking for aliens and ray guns then you will be disappointed. These surreal visions bear much more resemblance to the style of David Lynch than Gene Rodenberry.

The viewer knows that CODEX ATANICUS will be different right from the introduction of the DVD. Arantxa Peña, one of the actresses featured in the short films, does the intro. She talks about working with Atanes, his vision and being a part of his world. Then in a typically Atanes surreal moment she drinks a whole glass of milk in one go in a toast to him and his works. “


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