Saturday, September 10, 2005


"FAQ" has won the Best Feature Film award at the 7th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, Athens. The jury consisted of a man (an actor), and four women (an scriptwriter, a TV-director, a teacher of the Technological Institute of Athens in Arts, and an actress). So I am happy twice: 1- Because a jury composed in its majority by women has awarded a movie which had been branded (among other things, unjustly also) of misogynous and male chauvinist; and 2- Because the award itself, of course. I am filming independent films and videos since 1987 ( I am at war with "FAQ" since 2000), and this is the first time one of my films gives a formal acknowledgement. You can imagine, I suppose, my happiness. Moreover, it is not an award to the "best director", but to the best feature film, and it pleases me even more, because we are a lot of rewarded people: they of us who have done it, and those much others who always have trusted in "FAQ", supporting us since the beginning and while the more hard times. The list of collaborators, friends, festivals, webmasters and journalists is very long and I can't put it here. But they of you who know what I am talking about, take it personally: I dedicate this award to you.

Ah, I too dedicate it to those public institutions that the only thing they have offered us, at the most, has been its contempt.

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