Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Maximum Shame" DVD release!

"Maximum Shame", my latest underground feature movie, is hereafter available in USA and beyond. You'll find it on Amazon and CreateSpace. This is a NTSC DVD, in the original language: English.

"Maximum Shame" was nominated for the Best Feature Film at BUT (B-Movies, Underground and Trash) Film Festival (Breda, The Netherlands), was screened at many film festivals (Fantasporto, New York Zero Film Festival, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, Sc-Fi London and others) and has received excellent reviews. Paul Pritchard, from Pulp Movies, said that "Maximum Shame" is one of the 2010 Eleven More Memorable Independent Films. And Mike Everleth, from Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film stated that it is one of the 2010 Five Movies of the Year.

We shooted it in very cold six days on January 2010. And it is my best movie with no doubt. If you like my previous films, you will like more this one. You will enjoy my weirdest script (until "Gallino"), my most efficient direction... and also a definitely superb music score composed by Marc Álvarez and an usurpassable cast: Ana Mayo, Marina Gatell, Ignasi Vidal, Paco Moreno, Ariadna Ferrer, David Castro and the special guest appearance of Eleanor James.

Ask for it and enjoy your meal.

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