Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Gallino" shooting has begun

From left to righ: Director of Photography Ignacio Sánchez de Bustamante,
actress Sasha Slugina (hidden in the undergrowth) and director Miself.
This week we have filmed three "Gallino" sequences with actors Maria Kaltembacher, Amaya Galeote, Sasha Slugina, Itxaso Badell and Pablo Puyol. It has been aprox. a 12% of the whole movie. Now the filmmaking is stopped but we'll take it up again this month and we'll shoot the next sequences in the course of November and probably December. The things are going well and I am very pleased. And again we are achieving to make it in a completely independent way. We need to raise more cash to continue and although crowdfunding campaign is over  thank you, supporters! we accept contributions through any other way: if you want to be an sponsor or a guest producer just contact us. Apologize for my brevity, I have to go. Soon there will be more news.

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