Sunday, December 11, 2011

25% done.

As you surely know I am currently shooting my fourth feature movie, "Gallino, the Chicken System". Of course I am not doing it alone. Few brave people are helping me behind the camera, in front of the camera as Maria Kaltembacher, the actress in the photo and contributing funds to our crowdfunding. We are making the film slowly, as funds are arriving. It's not a bad method of filming because it allows to think and plan every scene calmly, like if every sequence itself was a shortfilm. In fact I am making some shots like it were shortfilms. This way, step by step, we have done a quarter of the film between 25 and 30 edited minutes. I am very pleased with the results. They are more baroque and weirder than I expected. My movie is surprising myself and that is a good new. It is also a problem because I don't know what to do with this movie after the edition. It is not exactly fiction, not exactly documentary, not exactly experimental, not exactly pornography... and it is all at once maybe. Difficult to finance, to show and to distribute. To lean out of the edges entails these risks. But... 1) fear is the worse enemy of liberty, 2) somebody had to do it, 3) alea iacta est and 3) carpe diem. So capitulation is not an option. Next month there will be more funds —who wouldn't wish to be a guest producer of "Gallino"?— and the shooting will go on.

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